G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don: Same Clothes, Different Feel

2011-09-05 19:21:00 2011-09-05 12:21:00

Korean comedian, Jung Hyung Don wore the same outfit as G-Dragon’s  airport fashion which aroused laughter from fans.

On MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” that was aired on September 3, Jung Hyung Don wore a red and white hood zip-up jacket just like what G-Dragon wore to the airport. They wore the same jackets but clearly portrayed different feelings.

 In the last episode of “Infinite Challenge,” he said to G-Dragon, “You only need to change your fashion!” not meaning to offend him but said it as a joke. In this episode, the editor showed a great sense of contrast by placing the two images that contrast their looks in the same outfit.

Comedian Jung Hyung Don continuously aroused the laughter of fans by the fashion jokes he makes and also by the comparison of their looks.