2PM’s Nichkhun Opens Up About Leaving f(x)’s Victoria and WGM for First Time

2011-09-06 08:59:57 2011-09-06 01:59:57

Following today’s shocking announcement of Nichkhun and Victoria’s departure from MBC “We Got Married,” the 2PM member tweeted his feelings about leaving his make-believe wife and the highly popular reality show.

“Some are relieved, some are sad, some are furious, and some are just thankful for the good laughter and smiles every Saturday evening. We all knew all along that at some point this was going to end, but the good memories and friendship will never die. I am but thankful for all the support we’ve received for over a year and 3 months. We only hope that what will last are the good memories. Thank you always for all your love and support,” Nichkhun wrote on his Twitter page.

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria, nicknamed “Khuntoria,” were one of the most popular couples on MBC “We Got Married,” as they were the first foreign couple to appear on the show. They also proved to be good friends off the show, raising speculation whether they were dating in real life. The last episode of the “Khuntoria” couple will air on Sept. 17.