Han Hyun Jung Admits Her Marriage and Explains the Recent Scandal

2011-09-06 00:17:00 2011-09-05 17:17:00

Han Hyun Jung, from the girl group Cleo, has admitted her marriage to Mr. Mu.

On September 5, she apologized to the Starmade Entertainment for the different scandals she was accused of which caused a social controversy. Starmade Entertainment made their statement that Han Hyun Jung is not simply dating Mr. Mu but is married to him. They only have the marriage registration and hasn’t officially had the wedding yet. The entertainment company also explained that Han Hyun Jung and Mr. Mu had many different conflicts due to their differences in personality, wanting to break up and that they were in separation.

Just last week, she was falsely accused of stealing $5 million USD from him.

The couple has officially have made up, however. They apologized to each other for the damage they caused to one another. Mr. Mu has promised Hyun Jung that he will treat her better from now on. The harassment and abuse of Hyun Jung she has claimed Mr. Mu has done was proved false as well.

While many different disputes occur between spouses, this has been one of the bigger dispute to be seen.