Harisu Denies Accusations of Beating Her Husband

2011-09-06 23:59:02 2014-05-05 23:47:50

Transgender singer and actress Harisu has denied accusation of beating up her husband.

Harisu did not turn up for a Chinese reality program that is the equivalent of “Shall We Dance” and it is here where the rumors started. At first, several Chinese media outlets reported that Mickey Jung, the actress’s husband, beat her and the Chinese police are investigating the case.

Surprisingly the rumor was taken to another level, when the press reported it was in fact Harisu who beat Mickey Jung and not the other way around.

Harisu has refuted the claims by declaring that the only reason she did not turn up for the show was due to a disagreement with the TV station. Harisu is set to hold a press conference on September 8 where she will further clarify the situation.

Harisu and Mickey Jung got married in 2007 and since than they have always shown their love and affection to each other in front of the public. Currently they are living together in China because of the actress’s activities. Harisu is getting popular in China and Malaysia as well where recently she shot the 3D horror movie “The Hunter”.