Is This Really Boom?

2011-09-06 20:03:52 2011-09-06 13:03:52

Singer and MC Boom has been drawing attention because of his loss of baby fat in his face and a new and improved muscular body.

On September 6, Boom posted, “I will be showing everyone everything tonight. If I can’t, then I will show you the rest next week. Boom Strong Heart Come Back Show!” on his Twitter along with a photo. In it, Boom is sporting a hat and sunglasses, showing off his muscular chest and toned abs.

Netizens have reacted in various ways: “What a complete 180,” “Is this photoshopped?” “He’s really sexy.”  

Boom made his comeback on the September 6 episode of “Strong Heart” after two years, during which he went on his mandatory military service.

Although a dreaded two years for most Korean males, military service seems have its perks!