Kim Tae Hee Wears Jewelry Worth $10 Million USD for Photo Shoot

2011-09-06 04:49:07 2011-09-05 21:49:08

A few days ago, Kim Tae Hee was seen in an outfit that cost around $1,000. That is nothing compared to the jewelry she wore in this photoshoot.

Actress Kim Tae Hee wore high fashion jewelry pieces that total $10 million. In the photoshoot, her eyes are sharp to give off a cold image. One of the dresses that she wore was lowcut to reveal a sexy back. A leather mini dress showed off her S-line curves. She wore Cartier‘s Panther collection pieces coupled with the Evasion collection. The two collections made the actress even more strikingly beautiful.

A member from the photoshoot said, “Even though we were working under the sun’s harsh rays, we couldn’t tell that she was tired. She was enthusiastic and eager to make the photos the best that they could be.”

You will be able to see Kim Tae Hee’s shots in the upcoming issue of “High Cut”.