No Min Woo Moves the Hearts of 3,000 at Japanese Fan Meeting

2011-09-06 18:38:03 2011-09-06 11:38:04

No Min Woo moved the hearts of 3,000 fans in Japan. On August 28, he held a Tokyo fan meeting that had two shows. During the fan meeting, No Min Woo performed songs that he wrote and he also played the piano and guitar.

According to certain sources, Japanese album and drama representatives that were men enjoyed the show because of his doll-like face and multi-talents. During the fan meeting, clips of different idol groups celebrating and praising No Min Woo were shown. The idol groups were BEAST, 2AM, Infinite, and T-ara.

The moment No Min Woo appeared on stage at the start of the fan meeting with his band, he received a standing ovation. The response from fans was similar to idol concerts. Also, at the end of the performance he also held a “High Five” event for the fans.

Currently, No Min Woo is just beginning to gain popularity in Japan. However the tickets for his fan meeting were almost sold out.