Rainbow’s Ji Sook Once Again Proves Her Small Size

2011-09-06 01:21:36 2011-09-05 18:21:36

Rainbow member Ji Sook, who is famously known for her small stature, has once again proven her small size. In the picture she posted of herself, she’s playing a game with her iPad while sitting in a locker.

Netizens have commented saying, “She should have eaten more!” However, this is not the first time she has proven her “compactness.”

She previously tweeted, “I’m a ‘bag girl’, not a ‘pocket girl. Jaekyung unnie shopped me. This was ‘bag Jisook’!” along with a picture of herself sitting inside a plastic shopping bag. 

Netizens have commented on the picture above with “Haha ‘bag Ji Sook'” and “You’re the real cutie.”

She then again proved her small stature as fellow member Jaekyung tweeted “The pajamas couldn’t handle my rib cage and instead, perfectly fit Rainbow’s skinny representative Ji Sook“ along with a picture of Ji Sook in the pajamas meant for nine-year old girls.

Fans said, “No way, but it really does fit“ and “Your skinny figure makes me so jealous.”

Her small figure and stature has made her the acclaimed “skinny representative Ji Sook” of Rainbow. With the photos above, she definitely lives up to her name.