U-KISS: " We Always Strive to Beat Ourselves"

2011-09-06 08:36:23 2011-09-06 01:36:23

Boy groups are often put against each other as rivals when they make their debut, but U-KISS doesn’t want any part of that. While appearing on the live entertainment show, YTN “News and Issue,” U-KISS talked about who they considered their rivals and how their various experiences with musicals have been.

Asked to choose a rival, U-KISS was quick to say, “Instead of thinking that we want to beat a specific group or person, ever since our debut, we’ve always just considered ourselves as our only rivals. We’re sure that we’re going to do well if we always strive to beat ourselves.”

Regarding members Soohyun, Kevin, and Dongho‘s acting experience in dramas and musicals, Soohyun began, “While working on my musical, I began thinking of all of the work it took for me to debut as a singer. I teared, but it was a great experience.”

“‘On Air Live’ was my first musical but it was a great experience. The role I played was an idol as well so it was comfortable overall. I would like to continue pursuing acting,” Kevin said.

U-KISS also discussd their new album, “Neverland,” which was released on Sept. 1. The music video for “Neverland” has surpassed one million view counts in less than a week.