U-KISS’ Dongho Thanks Kim Hye Soo for "Villain on the Second Floor" Casting

2011-09-06 16:12:52 2014-05-07 18:06:58

U-KISS’ Dongho thanked Kim Hye Soo for being able to begin his acting career. On September 6, Dongho appeared on the live program YTN’s “News and Issue” and talked about the behind story for being cast on the movie “Villain on the Second Floor.”

On this broadcast Dongho stated, “I began my acting career through the film ‘Villain on the Second Floor.’ I heard later that I was able to appear on the film because of Kim Hye Soo’s help.”

He continued, “Kim Hye Soo saw me on TV and told the director, ‘I think Dongho will be a good fit for our movie.’”

Dongho has had a good acting career. He has appeared on the dramas “I Am Legend,” “Royal Family” and the film “My Black Mini-Dress.” He also stated that he enjoys acting and would like to continue his acting career.