YG Entertainment Surpasses SM Entertainment in 2011 First-Half Revenue

2011-09-06 06:48:17 2011-09-05 23:48:18

YG Entertainment, the label to big stars like Big Bang and 2NE1, has surpassed SM Entertainment in revenue for the first half of 2011. 

From January 1 to June 30, YG Entertainment recorded a total of roughly $44.74 million USD in revenue. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, recorded approximately $40.59 million USD in sales, putting YG Entertainment at a $4 million USD lead. 

YG Entertainment has led a busy year thus far, with Big Bang’s GD&TOP unit kicking off the year, followed by Seungri’s solo promotions. Big Bang also made an impressive comeback as a group while Psy completed a successful nationwide tour. 2NE1 has by far had the most success with six straight “all-kill” single releases this year, while holding their first ever solo concert as well.

YG Entertainment’s half year profits recorded closely to what they achieved last year, while SM Entertainment was met with a $7 million USD loss compared to last year. Additionally, YG Entertainment also surpassed SM Entertainment in net profit by recording about $7.20 million USD while SM Entertainment recorded $3.93 million USD, putting YG Entertainment at a $3.3 million USD lead.