Aziatix Unleashes MV for "Be With You (Rock Mix)"

2011-09-07 07:47:51 2011-09-07 00:47:51

After touring in Los Angeles and Taiwan in the past month, Aziatix has settled back down with the release of their music video for “Be With You (Rock Mix).” The video was released on their YouTube page on September 6. The track was produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Aziatix’s producer, Jae Chong. While vocalist Eddie helped Jae in the composition, the entire team pitched in for the lyrics.

The original version of the track is from their first album “Nocturnal” which was released on July 27. Aziatix has also filmed music videos for the tracks “Slippin’ Away” and “Cold” from the album. The trio is known for their R&B music styled with rap from member Flowsik.

In this remix, they spice up the track with a heavy guitar accompaniment, bass, and drums. The video begins with a girl switching on the Aziatix track. With the majority of the film captured in a soft black and white scale, the simple video set allows the music to come to the forefront. The MV concludes on a funny note with Flowsik and Nicky crash on the couch while Eddie takes a seat on the ground.

You can support Aziatix by purchasing the remix track on iTunes here.