Brazilian Fans Block Road in Front of MBLAQ’s Hotel

2011-09-07 21:22:23 2011-09-07 14:22:24

Ever since I became a K-Pop fan, I have seen fans from all over the world desperate for a group or company to visit their country. South America is one place with very passionate fans who want K-Pop to come to them and yesterday, MBLAQ arrived in Brazil to a very warm welcome.

MBLAQ is there to attend and judge the 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival and their arrival has made quite the impression.

Earlier today, fans came out in huge numbers and congregated in front of the hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil that the group was staying at. Their numbers actually proved too much that the road had to be closed off to traffic.

As you can see from the video below, the fans were indeed excited, to say the least, and if there were any doubts about how well K-Pop would fare in South America, they certainly have been squashed now.