Brown Eyed Girls to Release New Album on September 30

2011-09-07 22:59:08 2011-09-07 15:59:09

Brown Eyed Girls‘ agency Nega Network has announced that the group’s fourth album will be released on September 30.

A representative explained, “Since 2009’s third album with ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Sign’ were so popular, we had to keep pushing the comeback date back in order to make the album surpass the audience’s expectations.”

Brown Eyed Girls have always received much love and attention because of their fierce concept, so the curiosity for their new album concept has been increasing. However, it is being kept secret for now.

Nega Network representative Lance said, “In September, the best girl group will make a massive comeback and take the music industry by storm.” He confidently added, “And the members of Brown Eyed Girls will show off their powerful voices to other girl groups.”

In 2009, Brown Eyed Girls dominated Korea with its electronic music, and became very well known as the “best of the best” among Korea’s performers.

With many other idol groups making new albums or comebacks around the same time, the competition will be fierce.

Stayed tuned for more details to come.