Korean Man Files Complaint to Prosecutor’s Office over Kang Ho Dong’s Tax Evasion Case

2011-09-07 14:47:36 2011-09-07 07:47:37

In another twist to the Kang Ho Dong tax evasion case, Businessman “Mr. A” has filed a complaint with the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office stating that “Kang Ho Dong’s tax evasions requires a thorough investigation by the judiciary office.”

On his complaint, “Mr. A” states that “Even though Kang Ho Dong is an MC that is loved by Korean people and represents them, he has committed a crime that could noticeably damage the national economy.” He continued, “A rigorous and decisive investigation and punishment are required to maintain legal order.”

The complaint continued by stating that “Kang Ho Dong has committed an illegal act to avoid paying taxes” and that “Kang Ho Dong has committed an illegal act by not properly paying his taxes even though he earns 3 billion Korean Won annually (around $2.8 million USD).” He continued to justify his complaint by stating that “As a celebrity that receives the love of the people, he has committed the one of the most serious crimes and there is a need to issue a punishment that befits him.”

Earlier in the week it has been revealed that Kang Ho Dong has been subjected to a tax audit by the National Tax Service (The Korean equivalent of the IRS) and has been served a massive fine.

Kang Ho Dong’s agency had issued an apology saying that “He will faithfully pay the taxes that he needs to pay. Whatever the reason and process was, we apologize once again for causing concern to the people of Korea and the fans that love Kang Ho Dong”

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