Gong Yoo Reveals His Ideal Type

2011-09-07 00:18:59 2011-09-06 17:19:00

Actor Gong Yoo has revealed his ideal type of woman.

On September 6 Gong Yoo was questioned, “Out of all the actresses you have acted with, with whom did you feel like you had the most chemistry?” at the press conference for the premier of the movie “The Crucible” held in at Seoul. He responded, “If I said the loyal Jung Yoo Mi from “The Crucible” that would sound as if we planned for answer. I like boyish women.”

He added quickly, “If I say this I’m pretty sure there would be countless articles saying that my ideal woman would be Yoon Eun Hye of “Coffee Prince” so I want to clarify that I’m not being specific.” This response was thought to be witty and caused laughter amongst the interviewers.