"High Kick 3" Director Reveals Insights on the Sitcom

2011-09-07 18:05:56 2011-09-07 11:05:56

“High Kick: The Short Legs Strike Back,” otherwise simply known as “High Kick 3” gears up for its much-anticipated September 19 premiere with some insightful revelations from series creator Kim Byung Wook.

“The new season focuses more on the relationships between individuals rather than within the family,” the director is quoted to have said. He added that the title “The Short Legs Strike Back” is a means to debunk the myth that only tall people can execute a high kick. He said the title expresses the hopes and dreams of people who are down and out of luck.

“High Kick 3” will tell the stories of characters in their 20s and 30s, as opposed to highlighting how three generations of a family live together, which took centerstage in the earlier seasons “Unstoppable High Kick” and “High Kick Through the Roof.”  The third season’s events unfold when a married couple’s business goes bankrupt and they begin to live off a younger brother.

The sitcom’s production team has been quick to downplay the strong buzz surrounding this season. However, expectations remain high because of Director Kim’s uncanny tendency for launching actors into full-fledged stardom through appearances in “High Kick.” Park Min Young, Daniel Choi, Shin Se Kyung, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum are only some of the past seasons’ “High Kick” cast members.

The current cast features Ahn Nae Sang, Yoon Yoo Sun, Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Jong Seok, Park Ha Seon and f(x)’s Krystal. “High Kick 3: The Short Legs Strike Back” replaces “All My Love” on MBC.