Jang Geun Suk: “I’ve Imagined Dating Kim Yuna”

2011-09-07 18:29:44 2011-09-07 11:29:44

As reported earlier, Jang Geun Suk appeared on the September 7 broadcast of MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru.” In this Chuseok Special, the actor revealed his thoughts on an old scandal with Olympic-gold-wining figure skater, Kim Yuna (host of “Kiss and Cry“).

Guests normally bring a question or concern to this show, hoping to have the Knee-Drop Guru (Kang Ho Dong) solve the problem. Jang’s wish was, “I want to be friends with Lee Seung Gi.” The underlying problem to this wish was that Jang Geun Suk finds himself to be unpopular with other men.

Jang Geun Suk talked about various topics on the talk show, ranging from his role in the “New Hallyu” to rumors about his boastful image.

Digging into Jang’s past, Kang Ho Dong brought up an old love scandal that Jang had with Kim Yuna. Jang revealed that he felt happy about the scandal even though he had never met Kim Yuna. He even speculated, “What if I really dated her?” At the end of the speculation, Jang concluded that there was no answer since, “Kim Yuna is extremely popular and men (already) hate me.”

Jang brought laughter to the studio by directing a message to Kim Yuna saying, “I heard that you didn’t like having a scandal with me but I liked it!”

Jang also left the surprising revelation that the scandal didn’t bother him since it wasn’t true and he was really dating someone else at that time.

Jang Geun Suk has many charms, including truthfulness, doesn’t he? What do you guys think?