Joo Jin Mo to Make Singing Debut

2011-09-07 11:27:16 2011-09-07 04:27:17

On September 9, Actor Joo Jin Mo will make his singing debut with a single remake of the late Kim Hyun Shik‘s “Like Rain Like Music“. He also starred in an music video that will be released on the same day.

Earlier in July 25, Joo Jin Mo had showed his secret recording of the song during his first Japan fan meeting at the Nakano Sun Plaza. He also showed his singing prowess in front of more than 2000 fans that were present.

Joo Jin Mo’s singing talent has long been recognized and many have urged him to start his singing debut. Regarding of his upcoming debut, he said, “To hear a song with my voice being released to the world, I feel a little embarrassed. The response of the Japanese fans were much more favorable than I had expected, so I decided to do this single release.”

Joo Jin Mo has recently finished the filming of “Gabi” (“Russian Coffee“), a movie about an assassination mystery involving the first barista of the Joseon Dynasty, set against the reign of King Gojong, the last king of Joseon.