Jung Jae Hyung’s Impressive Female Celebrity Network Revealed

2011-09-07 05:10:51 2011-09-06 22:10:51

Jung Jae Hyung, nicknamed “The God of Music,” has been earning the envy of all men due to his impressive female celebrity network. After his regular appearance on MBC “Infinity Challenge” lately, Jung Jae Hyung has risen in popularity in the entertainment world and has become famous for being very close to many female top stars.

He is famous for his close relations with the “Sexy Queen” Uhm Jung Hwa. They maintained their friendship for over 15 years and he recently revealed that he would choose her as a female celebrity he wanted to marry. He shared many conversations with Lee Hyori through Twitter. He recently built up his friendship with “World Star” BoA as well. They showed off their friendship by posting a picture of their red faces in a bar. 

Another unexpected friend is Shin Min Ah. When Shin Min Ah goes to Paris- where Jung lives- for a photo shoot, they often go on trips together as well. Model Jang Yoon Joo also shared an interesting relationship with him.

Netizens proclaimed, “Jung Jae Hyung’s birthday party will be just as grand as an awards ceremony,” “He’s so close with that many female stars…I’m so jealous,” “He is the most envious man in Korea,” as they expressed their envy. 

Jung Jae Hyung threw the opening pitch at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul and is enjoying a peak “golden era” since his debut.

Jung Jae Hyung and his female celebrity friends.