Lee Jin & Sung Yuri, "Fairies at Tea Time"

2011-09-07 23:28:05 2011-09-07 16:28:06

Ex-Fin.K.L members Lee Jin and Sung Yuri shared a leisurely tea time together through a picture that has been posted on the net.

On the 7th Lee Jin posted on her metoday “She likes sweet coffee. Americano is the best. How unsophisticated,” along with a photo. In the picture Sung Yuri is holding her coffee cup up with both hands and is making a cute face.

Soon afterwards Lee Jin posted another picture which was of herself with the comment “One shotting my coffee.” Lee Jin is holding up an empty coffee cup which looks like she just finished off with a smirk.

Sung Yuri posted on her Facebook soon after, “what’s unsophisticated?” in response to Lee Jin’s post, giving netizens something to laugh at.

Netizens responded in a variety of ways: “as expected, fairies’ tea time is different from normal people tea time,” “they get along really well,” “it’s good to see them together.”