Photo of Actress Kim Ha Neul in a Swimsuit Surfaces

2011-09-07 00:43:18 2011-09-06 17:43:19

Actress Kim Ha Neul has become quite the hot topic lately for a photo of her in a swimsuit.

On September 6 the photo became available through an online community’s forum, where along with the photo were the tags “Kisses, Kim Ha Neul, swimsuit, drinking juice”

In the picture Kim Ha Neul is seen sporting a one-piece bathing suit as she lounges by the pool on a beach chair while leisurely sipping juice. 

Another aspect shown in the photo, which is attracting the attention of netizens, is that of her skin appearing exceptionally smooth.  Netizens commented on the image saying: “Your skin is so smooth, I’m jealous,” “Ha Neul are you the only one perfect like this?”, “Where is the rest of your body?”

Currently Kim Ha Neul is moving audiences in the thriller “Blind” with her realistic portrayal of an individual who suffers with a visual impairment. The movie has already surpassed two million viewers nationwide.