V.O.S’ Kyung Rok Serenades Alexander Eusebio

2011-09-07 23:37:25 2011-09-07 16:37:26

Alexander Eusebio attended a free concert yesterday, and all he had to do was cover his meal. The M Plus Entertainment talent tweeted his special K-Pop dinner experience at Kyung Rok‘s restaurant. Alexander dined out at the V.O.S. member’s place to not only have a fine dining experience, but enjoy a musical performance by the owner himself! Read Alexander’s recap of the night below:

“What happen is that V.O.S. member KyungRok   wrote in his twitter that if there’s more than 10 tables packed in his restaurant … then he will SING for everyone~ HE DID IT!!! Made our dinner so warm & romantic~♥ Another pic~^-^)b”

Will you be heading to this restaurant for your chance to see a free show?