Cube Entertainment Artists to Perform in London at the "Thames Festival"

2011-09-08 09:11:16 2011-09-08 02:11:17

Artists of Cube Entertainment like BEAST, G.NA and 4minute will be heading to London in November for a collaborative performance!

The family will be performing for two days on September 10 and 11 at the Bernie Spain Garden for a large outdoor festival called the Mayor’s “Thames Festival.” It will be the first offline event where K-Pop is officially introduced to public in London, and the Cube will be acting as public relations officers. 

With Hallyu (Korean Wave) blowing over Europe right now, a lot of European fans have been focusing on trying to cross K-Pop stars over to their home countries, which is how Cube Entertainment was invited to perform at the event. 

Cube Entertainment also has a “United Cube” concert scheduled in London for November 19. The family will be leaving on the 8 to prepare for both events. “We’re planning to use this opportunity as experience for our upcoming November concert. We’ll be feeling the passion of Hallyu right at the scene,” officials of Cube Entertainment said.