HyunA Updates Cute Pictures of Her Playing with Cat

2011-09-08 08:49:06 2011-09-08 01:49:06

Just recently, HyunA of 4minute uploaded two photos of herself along with a cat to her Twitter account, looking quite cute and affectionate. Along with the sweet images she wrote, “I am very happy, are you alright? How come you are running away?”

In the first photo the lovely HyunA was seen hugging a chubby, gray cat. Then in the second image she was pictured lovingly petting the cat as it attempted to make its escape.

Those that saw the pictures commented with positive feedback saying, “Silly kitty,” “That photo is so cute!”, and “I envy the cat.”

This isn’t the first time HyunA posted pictures of herself with cats or animals for that matter. It sure seemed as though she was having a lot of fun, yet the cat appeared to be tired and wanted to take a nap instead.