Is There a "Greedy" Side to SNSD’s YoonA?

2011-09-08 05:58:12 2014-05-05 23:41:58

YoonA of SNSD displays her youthful beauty as well as cheerful personality for SBS’ “K-STAR News

YoonA is the lead dancer of the girl group SNSD. She is also well known for taking the top spot in popularity on various entertainment programs. One can observe her natural beauty even through a video clip from her audition recorded before her debut. Fellow SNSD member Sooyoung even had nice things to say regarding YoonA, “She looks like an angel.”

Yet the camera crew for the show “K-STAR News” comments saying that this time around they had observed and filmed a “greedy” side of YoonA.  The episode of “K-STAR News” featuring “greedy” YoonA is scheduled to air on September 9th at 10:00PM KST.

Do you believe what the crew of “K-STAR News” had to say about YoonA?