Kara and Rainbow Dress up in Hanbok for Chuseok

2011-09-08 06:44:37 2011-09-07 23:44:38

Just in time for the Chuseok holidays (Korean Thanksgiving) in Korea this month, DSP Media family Kara and Rainbow have taken brand new photos in gorgeous hanboks (traditional Korean dresses)!

Dressed in beautiful colors of the rainbow, the girls greeted the public by saying, “Soon, we’ll be celebrating our national holiday, Chuseok. We hope that everyone has a fun and plentiful Chuseok and that everyone is always full of happiness.” 

Gone are their usual sexy images, since the Hanbok requires a simpler, more innocent look, which the girls have accurately portrayed. Chuseok is on September 12 this year, so look out for a lot of fun Chuseok variety shows!

Both sister groups are currently gearing up for much promotions ahead of them, with Kara promoting their new Korean album, “Step,” and Rainbow promoting over in Japan with their debut single, “A.”