Nine Muses’ Sera Introduces Her Pet Reptile

2011-09-08 03:55:23 2011-09-07 20:55:23

Recently, Nine MusesSera revealed her pet chameleon. On September 2, through Nine Muses offical me2day website, Sera posted, “Today I will be introducing Mingy. It’s my first time introducing her right? Mingy loves eating crickets so I’m currently raising 200 crickets in my house.” Beneath this post, she uploaded various photos of Mingy.

For the photos’ captions, Sera wrote, “This is an independent shot of Mingy. I hope she grows more. She looks
very happy and relaxed in this photo – Mingy’s skin color turns dark when she’s not happy.”

On September 7, Sera posted more photos along with more interesting facts about Mingy. She posted, “This is a photo of Mingy eating a cricket. Mingy only eats live crickets and mealworms and drinks flowing water. Mingy only drinks about one drop of water every two days. Mingy is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature so I’m very lucky that there hasn’t been any problems. I hope we live together as long as possible Mingy~.”

After viewing and reading these photos and messages, many of her fans posted comments such as, “Wow, I can’t believe she actually raises a camelion,” “I can’t believe she lives with crickets – she must not be afraid of
anything,” “Her posts are very cute. She has a very unique yet attractive personality,” and “She’s one of the
first girl group members to raise a reptile pet.”

Meanwhile, Nine Muses has been attracting a lot of attention through their recent song, “Figaro.”