G-Dragon, Taeyang and Jay Park Were to Debut as a Group?

2011-09-08 01:30:05 2011-09-07 18:30:05

Recently YG Entertainment President, Yang Hyun Suk, along with JYP Entertainment President, J.Y. Park, have been a hot topic ever since their guest appearance on TV.  The two currently are judges on SBS’ “K-Pop Star” and appeared together on SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment” which aired on September 7.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed some interesting information regarding Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang along with artist Jay Park, “This will be the first time I tell this, but prior to Big Bang’s debut, we had been thinking about putting G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Jay Park together as a unit.” He then continued on saying, “in the end, separate groups were created because of their complicated schedules, so they did not end up being combined.”

J.Y. Park then spoke about working with Yang Hyun Suk on a TV show saying, “I not only like him as a person, but I believe he has good sense as a producer and he is better than I am in certain things, collaborating with hyung has been very enjoyable for me.”

Yang Hyun Suk went on to explain the history and close friendship between them, “I have known J.Y. Park very well, ever since he was in his teens hanging out around Gangnam Station.”