U-Kiss’ Eli Gives a Shout-Out to Red Bull?

2011-09-08 05:33:35 2011-09-07 22:33:35

Idols are more fortunate than most and thus they usually have many things to be thankful for.  Often they take the time to show their appreciation to those who have made an impact in their lives, those who have aided them in achieving their dreams such as: their family, friends, a higher power, their first grade teacher, or a beverage? 

Recently hawk-eyed netizens discovered an interesting message left by U-Kiss’s Eli in the “Thanks To” section of U-Kiss’ current album “Neverland”.  “I want to thank REDBULL for picking me up when I’m down,” wrote the main rapper.

Red Bull is known to provide people with a mid-day boost and helping college students survive an all-night cram session before finals.  Now it is giving K-Idols their ‘wings’ as they are hard at work producing their latest album.  So thank you Red Bull for helping those folks when they needed it, without you we wouldn’t have the great product that is U-Kiss’ “Neverland.”