Airport Paralyzed as SNSD Visits Taiwan for Their 2nd Concert

2011-09-09 05:47:14 2011-09-08 22:47:15

Girl group SNSD has visited Taiwan for their 2nd Concert. 

On the 8th, SNSD arrived in Taiwan through Taoyuan Airport, for their 2nd Solo Concert.

Before SNSD’s arrival the airport was already filled with roughly a hundred people from press and media, and roughly 400-500 Taiwanese fans. It is also known that some fans were at the airport from 1am, waiting anxiously for SNSD’s arrival. 

After a long wait, SNSD finally arrived at Taoyuan Airport. As soon as SNSD were in sight fans and media all rushed in to get a closer look at the girls, causing big traffic within the airport. It got to the point where the girls’ could no longer walk due to the media and press blocking their way. The bodyguards and security guards had to then try and open a way for the girls. This kind of scene at the airport shows us the incredible popularity of the girls, and the power of K-Pop. 

Meanwhile, due to her recent car accident SNSD’s Sooyoung will be unable to participate in the upcoming concert. The ‘2011 Girls Generation Tour in Taipei‘ will be held for three days, on the 9th, 10th and 11th at the Taipei Arena.