G-Dragon Gets a New Tattoo

2011-09-09 00:47:58 2011-09-08 17:47:59

Big Bang leader G-Dragon is known as a trendsetter, with music and fashion. Many fans already know that G-Dragon has three tattoos. But how about a fourth?

Just last week G-Dragon attended a children’s hospital charity event where sharp-eyed fans noticed his additional tattoo. From there the news soon was spreading across the internet like wildfire. The tattoo appeared to be that of a cartoon heart with arms and legs sprouting out of it.

It wasn’t just any old cartoon heart as the tattoo is actually inspired by the popular image created by artist Keith Haring. Haring was a famous pop and graffiti artist, also known for his social activism, whose work is representative of the New York City street scene of the 1980s. His art is easily recognizable with its characteristic bold lines and colors, active, moving stylized figures and animals which, often times, carry positive messages of hope, life, and unity.

Although it has been twenty-one years since Haring’s passing his art is still being enjoyed today, even receiving resurgence through designer Jeremy Sccott and his Adidas fashion line. Some of Jeremy Scott’s designs have been inspired by the work of the late Haring.

How do you feel about G-Dragon’s latest tattoo?