G.NA Gives Chuseok Greetings to Fans

2011-09-09 10:09:32 2011-09-09 03:09:33

G.NA gave her Chuseok greeting to fans through Cube Entertainment on September 9. G.NA’s wish was this, “I always think about this, but I wish that me and all the people that I love will always be healthy and live proudly as a ‘Top Girl.’ Also, the day after Chuseok is my birthday and I believe that I will be able to spend a meaningful Chuseok. I know I will be reenergized through my family but I also look forward to eating good food. I will also spend a happy Chuseok and will try harder for my singer activities.”

G.NA also stated other things, “I have worn a Hanbok (Tradition Korean Dress) and taken pictures, please look at them in a favorable manner.”

Currently G.NA is performing “Top Girl.”