Hyun Bin Will Join Marine Marathon

2011-09-09 05:17:43 2011-09-08 22:17:44

Hyun Bin will join a marathon on September 25. The marathon is the 3rd Seoul Reclamation Anniversary Marine Marathon Competition.” It will be held at the Sports Stadium at the Han River Citizen’s Park underneath the Bang Hwa Bridge. According to the marathon website, “Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) will also run.” The interesting fact is that the date September 25 is also Hyun Bin’s birthday.

Amongst the four courses, Hyun Bin will be a part of the 6.25km course.

Hyun Bin had also released a photo book titled I’m a Marine” and he talked about serving in the Korean Marines. I worked really hard and did my absolute best. And finally, I earned the red name tag. After putting on the red tag on the right side of my chest, I felt this pride and fire coming from my heart.

Also, “To me, the 1 year 9 months here is very important. I want to push the limits and find out how far I could go physically and mentally. That’s why I joined the Marines.” “As I do quite well here and do my best at trainings, my colleagues have started to ask me for advice. I don’t know about everything either, so I just tell them, ‘Guys, it’s my first time in the Marines too!”