Lee Seung Gi’s Family Photo Revealed

2011-09-09 21:45:34 2011-09-09 14:45:35

In an online community on September 8, a photo was uploaded with the caption, “Lee Seung Gi is handsome because he takes after his father.” The photo was taken at the time of Lee Seung Gi’s graduation with his father and younger sister.

The photo left an impression on netizens who commented that Lee Seung Gi and his father both have the same smile. They also exclaimed, “This is what superior genetics looks like” and “His father almost looks as good as an actor.” Some netizens expressed their desire to marry into the beautiful family, exclaiming, “Father-in-law!”

Other netizens focused on Lee Seung Gi’s little sister, commenting, “Your sister is so adorable” and “You guys do and don’t look alike.”

Lee Seung Gi is currently busy recording his new album, due to be released by the end of this year. He is supposedly considering trading in his “clean-cut” image for the “bad boy” style. Will Lee Seung Gi be able to overcome  his inherent cuteness, as this picture shows, for a more sexy appeal?