Moon Hee Jun and 2AM’s Changmin & Jinwoon Have a Surprising Costume Display

2011-09-09 02:20:35 2011-09-08 19:20:36

Moon Hee Jun, 2AM’s Changmin & Jinwoon‘s surprising costume show made the studio audience almost die of laughter during the filming of Chuseok special “Star Couple Battle.”

A lunar year special show earlier this year consisting of Moon Hee Jun, Kim Dong Wan and 2AM’s Changmin showcased a military style performance. This holiday they will be doing a parody of KBS Gag Concert’s special segment called “Pretty Boy Squad.” 

With music playing Jinwoon walks onto stage as a bride. With a long white veil, Jinwoon’s appearance was said to be more beautiful than the common bride.

Soon after, 2AM’s Changmin’s entrance wearing fluorescent colored clothing and unusual hair style made the audience peel into laughter, and Moon Hee Jun, wearing a bowl helmet, gave the audience a kneeling bow (known as “jeol” in Korean), while humoring the crowd even more. (jeol – a deep respectful bow Koreans do, especially on holidays, before ancestors and elders on both knees, hands, with forehead to the ground. It is a symbol of respect and relays the message of “may you live long in good health.”)

After the sketch, Jinwoon gave a guitar performance with Changmin passionately singing “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls.” While they were doing that, Moon Hee Jun produced more laughter by doing a comical dance.

During this Chuseok Special, the corner “Star Couple Battle” showcased married gagman couple  Park Jun Hyung and Kim Ji Hye doing a eye catching high level magic show, making people appear and disappear.

Moon Hee Jun, Chang Min and Jin Woon’s performance along with Park Jun Hyung and Kim Ji Hye’s magic show can be seen on September 12 at 6PM on SBS’s “Star Couple Battle.”

Here’s a sneak peak!