Ricky Kim Travels to Africa for SBS "Jungle"

2011-09-09 06:50:45 2011-09-08 23:50:46

While everyone else will be gathering around the table with loved ones this Chuseok, Ricky Kim is headed overseas! SBS calls and Ricky answers.

The “Dream Team” cast member tweeted an update on his future schedule abroad on September 9. He will be filming an upcoming show over the holiday and he is not missing the opportunity to travel after the many shots he had to endure. Check out his painful, yet optimistic message below: 

“Left arm 2**right arm 2**total 4 shots**** now i am ready for Africa^♥^ but is africa ready for me?? SBS Jungle!!”

His Twittersphere couldn’t wait to chime in on his upcoming trip and facial expression. Below are some of their comments: 

“haha! What’s wrong with that face? Go go fighting!”

“hummm.. doesnt look like ur ready for Africa!”

“Africa! where in Africa?? ooh hope cairo?”