Xiho of April Kiss Garners Attention for Sick Rapping Skills

2011-09-09 03:18:59 2011-09-08 20:18:59

Xiho of April Kiss showed her sick rapping skills through a video released on the group’s official Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/APRILKISS6#!), earning the love of netizens who have come across it.

In the video, Xiho is dressed casually and covers “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” of famous American artist Nicki Minaj into her own unique style, not failing to perfect it. The ending of the video garnered even more attention when it was known that the Korean rap part was a freestyle rap written by Xiho herself.

Fans who have seen the video said, “Her rap skills are amazing! What can she not do?” “I heard she was a teacher too, and I bet she taught with her flowing rap skills!” “The freestyle has a feel to it! I think she can write a self-composed song for the next album!” “The more I see her, she seems to even more skilled and has a lot of charms! I’m anticipating on her more now.”

It was revealed before that Xiho was a teacher prior to her debut and has gained even more publicity for not only her interesting background, but her freestyle rap skills. She is currently promoting the song “Hello Bus” which is the first digital single from April Kiss. 

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