So Ji Sub Reveals More Stills Cuts from Upcoming Movie “Only You”

2011-09-09 06:59:51 2011-09-08 23:59:51

More still cuts of So Ji Sub’s upcoming movie, “Only You,” were unveiled on Sept. 9, raising the anticipation level for his first romantic film set for release in October.

Playing the role of a soft-hearted boxer, So Ji Sub is seen working hard for his physical character. In order to perfectly portray the boxer role, So Ji Sub is reported to have gone through intensive training sessions prior to the filming.

“Only You” is about the relationship between an ex-boxer (So Ji Sub) and the woman he falls in love with who slowly loses her sight. This is So Ji Sub’s first return to the screens in two years and his first mellow acting since the 2004 KBS drama “Sorry, I Love You.”