Uee to Transform into a Homeless Person for Next Episode of "Ojakgyo Brothers"

2011-09-09 04:05:21 2011-09-08 21:05:22

In a recent episode of “Ojakgyo BrothersUee parodies KBS “1 Night 2 Days” by sleeping outside in a tent.

Uee acts like a homeless person in the eleventh episode of “Ojakgyo Brothers” which will air on September 10. She camps out in the yard while eating instant noodles and wearing a sweat suit while sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Baek Ja Eun (played by Uee) gets kicked out for losing the Ojakgyo Farm paperwork. So she decides to live in the yard at Ojakgyo farm as she attempts to get back inside. From there she makes a fresh start, putting an end to her old ways.

Even in poor weather Uee is able to give a convincing performance. Uee remains optimistic and lively, despite the bad weather conditions, never losing her smile as she encourages the other members. She greets the members of the staff saying, “Thank you. You all did a great job!”

A Green Snake Media representative had this to say about Uee’s performance, “Uee has been studying hard on how to act well. she really has become Baek Ja Eun these past few days. She is working on making a big change to be in favor of Park Bok Ja. Please anticipate and look forward to seeing how she will change.”