A 200 Pound Bada?

2011-09-10 23:59:30 2011-09-10 16:59:31

Has singer and musical actress Bada gained weight lately? A recent photo of Bada has captured the interest of many curious netizens. On September 9, Bada wrote on her Twitter, “a mouthful” alongside a new photo of herself.

This photo reveals a chubby Bada. The normally lean Bada, poses cutely while her cheeks look stuffed. She is also wearing pink glasses, pink necklaces and a pink jacket, giving off a very innocent vibe. It seems that she has transformed into this character for her new musical performance.

The normally lean Bada

Shocked netizens commented, “I was so shocked, I thought this picture was real” “Your make-up is so good and realistic”.

Bada is currently busy preparing for her new musical “200 Pound Beauty.