2NE1 is Everywhere in Their Latest 11st Endorsement

2011-09-10 17:56:41 2011-09-10 10:56:42

2NE1 is in demand for their endorsing prowess which can be seen in the latest 11st Commercial. The focus of the commercial was displaying 11st advancements in mobile shopping technology. Now users will be able to simply and conveniently shop from anywhere via your mobile phone or device. How cool is that?

The fierce quartet also urges the public to participate in the upcoming sale for 11st SK Telecom Open Market on October 9. If you are a member of SK and have a Samsung Card, you are in luck as you will get an additional 11% off during the sale.

Be sure to check out the chic ladies and their feisty looks in the CF below as they shop with ease on the go.