"2PM Show" Crowns Taecyeon as the "King of Fouls"

2011-09-10 08:04:15 2011-09-10 01:04:16

2PM‘s Taecyeon was crowned “king of fouls” on Cable TV SBS’s “2PM Show.”

For the Chuseok Special that aired on September 10, the members chose their three favorite scenes from the show. Ranging from ambitious boy Junho, Daegu Hyungnim Junsu, and body gags, everyone had their own charms and characters. But Taecyeon’s character ended up being “The Foul King.”

Taecyeon’s history of cheating during games began in episode 2 of the series during the blow up the crushed bottle game.

After that, in the 5th episode he copied a picture of Pororo without anyone’s knowing. Continuing on in the 7th episode, even though Taecyeon lost, he let go of the string first. His foul play got viewers laughing.

The most recent episode aired September 10 at 11PM on SBS Plus, and will be aired again on September 11 at 12PM on SBS E!TV.