After School Graduate Bekah Tweets Breathtaking Art

2011-09-10 01:06:35 2011-09-09 18:06:36

Bekah, the former After School member who traded K-Pop for an opportunity to study in the United States, is still updating her fans with art that takes her breath away.

On September 10, Bekah tweeted the following message and image to the Twittersphere. The image, which was uploaded on her tumbler, was drawn by Audrey Kawasaki. Read all about the masterpiece below and why this piece moves her:  

She wrote, “artist: audrey kawasaki. I’ve always loved this drawing from her. It’s just, I never knew how much it meant to me. Audrey’s drawings move this part of me. it speaks.. this is me. see through to me.i stand here. naked. me.i gave you everything.-good day.”

What do you think about this feminine artwork?