After School to Release Second Japanese Single This November

2011-09-10 17:14:49 2011-09-10 10:14:50

After School will be releasing a new Japanese single this coming November.

The group’s second Japanese single will be a remake of one of their previous songs “Diva!” It will also include a new song titled “Ready to Love.”

The single will be available in 3 versions. Version A is a limited edition type with a DVD and a trading card. Version B is another limited edition type that comes with a DVD containing the “B” version of the girls’ music video and a trading card. The C version will be the regular version which will have just the CD and a trading card.

After School’s new single will be released on November 23. The group recently revealed the merchandise available for their special collaboration project with Hello Kitty

Source: AS-Afterparty, keitaDJ