Haha’s Mother Will Make Her Radio Debut Soon

2011-09-10 13:32:59 2011-09-10 06:32:59

It is announced that Haha’s mother Kim Ok Jeung will be making her radio debut on September 10.

MBC’s “Shining Starry Night” (FM) will air a Chuseok special on September 10 and Kim, the notorious “Yoong Deu Ok Jeung,” will get the chance to speak up. She will be hosting the segment “Saturday’s Special Mother.” Here she will be telling true stories about herself and her life. She will also be advising troubled listeners.

Kim Ok Jeung stepped in nervously in the recording room saying, “I don’t know if I can do this without my ‘combi’-partner Yoo Jae Suk.” She and famous MC Yoo Jae Suk had formed a so-called “combi” on Infinity Challenge several years ago, complimenting each other’s jokes. Once she started, however, she was on a roll making a great combination with DJ Yoon Ha. She even offered DJ Yoon Ha to form a “combi” with her.

Defconn also made an announcement on his Twitter referring to Kim Ok Jeung’s radio debut. His followers saw this announcement and commented, “Even imagining it is funny” and “Will she be alright without Yoo Jae Suk?”

We hope she will be making more appearences from now on.