Japanese Actress Yamada Yu Is a Fan of 2PM

2011-09-10 23:40:04 2011-09-10 16:40:05

Hottests have a new celebrity fan to welcome, as popular Japanese model and actress Yamada Yu recently revealed that she is an avid fan of 2PM!

On the episode of Fuji TV‘s “Haneru No Tobira” broadcast on September 8, Yamada Yu participated in a special corner that allowed celebrities to receive the opportunity of winning various gift items through different games. After finding out that one of the prizes was a Polaroid photo autographed by every member of 2PM, Yamada Yu couldn’t help but burst out in joy. 

“What do you like so much about 2PM?” bewildered MCs asked. Yamada Yu answered with a laugh, “They’re great at singing and dancing… but more than anything else, they have great bodies!”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to succeed in the game and lost the chance of winning the photo. As a consequence of her loss, she had to reveal a photo from her past. 

Fans of the live-action version of Japanese series “Nodame Cantabile” will recognize the actress for playing pianist Son Rui in the TV movie and films.