Jung Juri Makes Danny Ahn’s Heart Rate Increase

2011-09-10 04:35:08 2011-09-09 21:35:08

Actor Danny Ahn’s heart rate reacts to comedienne Jung Juri’s sexy dance but quickly decreases with one kiss.

A previously unrevealed video clip from cable channel QTV “The Woman Who Chooses the Ranking Season 4” was released.  It showed Danny Ahn connected to a pacemaker and got seduced by Jung Juri, who actually made his heart rate increase quickly.

Jung Juri confidently walked up to the stage when her name was called. She did sexy poses on the studio’s floor in time to the music and even back-hugged Danny Ahn while kissing him on the cheek.

Danny Ahn’s heart rate increased to 104 until her kiss made the heart rate steadily decrease, stirring up laughter in the studio.

Danny Ahn admitted and joked, “She was sexy when she danced. I was nervous when she came near, but the moment she kissed my cheek I felt freaked out.”