Nichkhun and Victoria Ended Their "Marriage" With a Farewell Trip

2011-09-10 22:05:33 2011-09-10 15:05:33

On the September 10 episode of MBC’s “We Got MarriedNichkhun, of 2PM, and Victoria, f(x), came back from their farewell journey to Maldives.  While there they played the game ‘throw your shoe and even got to go snorkeling.  There was also a surprise wedding photo-shoot that too place per request of Victoria.  The ‘couple’ hired a local photographer, but didn’t meld well with his fast-paced attitude so in the end they took their own photos.

Victoria reflected on their trip and time together saying, “I am so glad that I was able to visit such a beautiful place with Nichkhun.  Now whenever I see a bartender, sailing, and Maldives will always remind me of Nichkhun.”  To which Nichkhun also said, “Whenever I think of Maldives, it will remind me of Victoria.”

All of this was a wonderful farewell journey for the two.

Once they made their landing in Korea each were presented a CD.  The CD contained the memories from their first meeting all the way to their trip to Maldives.

When the message “Nichkhun and Victoria’s marriage will end on August 31 00:00.” popped up at the end of the video tears were shed by both Nichkhun and Victoria.