Tiger JK Performs Wearing Stolen Jacket From "Infinity Challenge"?

2011-09-10 19:33:01 2011-09-10 12:33:02

Rapper Seo Jung Kwon (more commonly known as Tiger JK) has attracted the public’s attention recently all because of the fact he wanted a jacket from “Infinity Challenge.”

On September 9 Tiger JK updated his Twitter saying, “I went to the Jungle Entertainment office and I discovered something that I want to steal!”

The “something” in question turns out to be the baseball jacket from MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

A few minutes later he tweeted again, “I couldn’t resist so I ended up wearing it. What if I just went home wearing this?” as he posted a photo of himself wearing the jacket posing.

Around 2AM he left another tweet teasing, “Rehearsing with the jacket that I borrowed.”

Fans left comments saying, “You look great in the jacket,” “You should become a member of ‘Infinity Challenge’!,” and “So cute.”